St Kilda Girl Photos – Mega Update #5

Where would you be without part 5?


By now we are all well and truly saturated with the St Kilda Girl story.

It’s given us an interesting insight into what many would consider to be an AFL groupie.

So far aside from the likely terrible impact on the life of the girl in question – Kim Duthie, the whole scandal has also touched the lives of:

Sam Gilbert (alleged to have slept with her)
Ricky Nixon (alleged to have slept with her)
Nick Riewoldt (naked photos released of him by the girl)
Nick Dal Santo (also tied up with the naked photo issue)

and God knows who else.

What amazes me is this: the guys who are alleged to have slept with her are too old to legally do so.

So why havent the police investigated them? For sure any non-football-related member of the public would have been arrested for doing the same, and then interviewed and likely charged – if anything based on the accusations alone.

It’s hard not to consider double standards may be at play here. It wouldnt be the first time that football related celebrities have received special treatment.

I have sat on these for a long time, as the name and face of the woman in question was still private, but given recent media coverage where both her name and face were clearly shown, I decided anonymity of Kim was no longer able to be reasonably considered an issue as she and the TV networks appear happy to fully disclose her details.

Oh, and there is no denying that Kim is hot!

Stay tuned – more to follow.

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